Passion for fashion: Translation for the fashion and textile industry

Fashion brands

Become a global brand 

We work with some of the most luxurious international brands. We have helped them to expand all over Europe, China and Japan.

What we can translate for your brand:

  • Descriptions of collections 
  • Press releases 
  • Web sites and e-commerce stores
  • Contracts
  • Newsletters/Blogs/Mailouts
  • Internal documents 



Your global image

It's not only words...

Translating for  the fashion industry is never easy. Thanks to our translators' industry expertise, we can proudly offer a dedicated team with extensive expertise in the fashion and textile industry. 

Glossaries and styleguides are compiled on a weekly basis in order to guarantee consistency accross all projects.



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Get creative!

Speaking your clients' language

Speaking the language of your customers is essential. Our transcreation team will create an ad-hoc transcreation strategy for your brand. We recommend transcreation for marketing translations such as slogans, taglines and campaigns to ensure your message comes accross as intented and is inkeeping with the local culture of the target language/market.